Price From



40kW at 9500 r/min

Max. Torque

42N·m/6700 r/min

Dry Weight (KG)



The Dark Flag 500 embodies yet another milestone for Benda. With a self-developed V4 engine, it stands as the first domestically produced V4 engine capable of mass production. It also marks the most technologically advanced vehicle in Benda's lineup, featuring automotive-grade electronic air suspension, millisecond electronic throttle, cruise control, and idle cylinder deactivation, all enhancing its dynamic versatility.

Design, power, and technology blend harmoniously in the Dark Flag 500, embodying Benda's global brand vision for travel aesthetics. This model signifies a considerable leap in product strength within the industry.

The V4 Engine
The millisecond response electronic throttle ensures swift acceleration, while the automatic shutdown of the rear two cylinders during idling reduces fuel consumption and minimizes heat. The "One-Click" Cruise Control simplifies long-distance riding, and TCS traction control provides enhanced stability and safety for a smoother ride.
Electronic automatic adaptive Suspension System
The Electronic Automatic Adaptive Suspension System adjusts the ride height from 670mm to 700mm, offering a versatile and comfortable experience tailored to various terrains and riding preferences.
Aesthetic Meets Performance
This model salutes the authentic tourer style with its floating central digital odometer, providing accurate information instantly. A touch of elegance is notably visible on its handlebars, where a functional button system with back-light illumination presides, exuding sophistication and offering intuitive usage. The crowning feature rests above the fuel cap - a LED reader flaunting a fuel gauge, augmenting the motorcycle’s overall splendour while ensuring that practical information is always accessible.
Space for Two
The Darkflag has been conceived considering the comfort of both the rider and the passenger. Its spacious ergonomic seat is perfectly contoured to give relief from stress during long journeys. It has been carefully created to accommodate two people with ample space, ensuring a comfortable ride even on long hauls.

Tech Specs

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