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58kW at 10050 r/min

Max. Torque

60N.m/8000 r/min

Dry Weight (KG)



The Benda LFC700 represents the pinnacle of sport-cruiser engineering, seamlessly integrating aggressive design, advanced technology, and raw power. Featuring an inline-four-cylinder engine with 58kw / 80 horsepower, Brembo brakes with ABS, high-performance KYB suspension, and a striking single-sided swingarm with a 310mm rear tire, the LFC700 is built to dominate. Its full-color TFT display and various riding modes ensure a customized, thrilling experience. "Throttle Up, Rule Down" embodies the essence of this motorcycle—bold, powerful, and ready to conquer any road.


Powerful Engine
The Benda LFC700 is equipped with an impressive inline-four-cylinder engine that produces approximately 80 horsepower. This engine not only ensures strong acceleration and thrilling performance but also delivers a unique and distinctive sound that sets it apart, making it perfect for both city streets and open highways.
Aggressive Design
Featuring a futuristic and aggressive design, the LFC700 stands out with its sharp lines and commanding presence. The single-sided swingarm and wide 310mm rear tire contribute to its sporty look, while the high-quality materials reflect meticulous attention to detail.
Advanced Technology
tay connected and in control with the full-color TFT display, which provides all the necessary information at a glance. The LFC700 also includes ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) for enhanced safety and various riding modes to tailor the bike’s performance to different conditions.
Superior Comfort and Ergonomics
Designed for both short and long rides, the Benda LFC700 offers a balanced seating position that combines sportiness with comfort. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable riding experience without compromising on performance.
High-Quality Build
The LFC700 features a high-quality aluminum chassis, providing durability and reducing weight for improved handling. This robust construction ensures the bike can withstand various riding conditions, delivering a reliable and enjoyable experience.
Cutting-Edge Suspension
Equipped with high-performance KYB (Kayaba) suspension, the LFC700 offers a smooth and stable ride. This advanced suspension system absorbs shocks and ensures precise handling, enhancing the overall riding experience.
Exceptional Braking System
Safety and control are paramount with the Brembo braking system. Known for superior stopping power and reliability, the Brembo brakes on the LFC700 provide confidence and peace of mind, whether you're navigating city traffic or cruising on the open road.
Sport-Cruiser Excellence
Combining the best of sportbike performance and cruiser comfort, the Benda LFC700 is designed for riders who seek versatility and style. Its aggressive design, advanced technology, and powerful engine make it the ultimate sport-cruiser, ready to dominate any road.

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