Price From

$ 27,888


35kW at 8800 r/min

Max. Torque

42N·m/7500 r/min

Dry Weight (KG)



Introducing the "Benda Napoleon Bobber 500 V2: The Future Revs," a revolutionary twist to motorcycle evolution. This model is a pure embodiment of the bobber soul and style, with unique touches that set it apart in its category. The Napoleon 500 V2 Boober stands out with a short floating seat, scabbard-style forks, and the exclusive "Flying Wing" handlebar that invites you to adopt a thoroughly sporty driving posture. This model presents an imposing dimension of extra-large tyres, all encapsulated in a rugged and powerful look. Under the hood, beating as the heart of this beast, is a 448cc V2 engine that can reach a maximum speed of 145 km/h. With a power of 37kw and a torque of 42 N.m, this vehicle redefines performance expectations. Moreover, it comes equipped with a pulley transmission system, providing a smooth and thrilling driving experience. Embrace the Revolution! With the Benda Napoleon 500 V2, the future definitely revs. Embrace the future, the road is calling.  RM 27,888.00 (Basic selling price. Insurance & Roadtax not included). 

Exquisite Engine Design: The Gold & Titanium Grey V-Twin
The Napoleon Bob 500 V-Twin engine, beautifully detailed in luxurious gold and titanium grey finishes, is a testament to refined craftsmanship. This photo captures the engine’s exquisite execution, revealing a perfect blend of style and power beneath the hood.
A Fusion of Classic and Innovative: The LED Cruiser Headlight
Witness a beautiful blend of classic cruiser aesthetics and outstanding innovations in the Napoleon Bob 500 LED headlight. This timeless round optic, upgraded with LED technology and unprecedented design finishes, was captured perfectly in our photo, showcasing how Benda combines the past and the future in one revolutionary motorcycle.
Attention to Detail: The Flying Wing Handlebar and Floating Odometer
Dive into the intricacies of the Napoleon Bob 500 design with this photo highlighting the ‘Flying Wing’ handlebars, illuminated buttons, and floating central odometer. These artistic masterpieces not only command attention but also provide an elevated user experience.
Minimalist Elegance: The TFT Color Dashboard
Step into the future with the Napoleon Bob 500 color TFT dashboard. Our photo showcases its clear, minimalist UI design, demonstrating Benda’s commitment to providing an informative and easy-to-navigate control hub for riders.
Showcasing Power and Precision: The Rear Fork Coating and Belt Transmission System
Discover the blend of power and precision, focusing on the Napoleon Bob 500 rear fork coating and belt transmission system. These components reflect Benda’s unwavering commitment to providing quality and performance in every detail.

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